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Through the Leader-Based Strategy, AWANA invests in effectively equipping large groups of local leaders around the world by igniting their vision for children’s ministry and providing in-depth training. Leaders return home ready to reach kids year after year. These leaders spread this vision in their churches, raising up additional leaders, reaching neighborhoods of children, and impacting an entire community. Through this method, AWANA has seen incredible expansion. Local leaders, embedded in their own communities, can bring the Gospel to children in any context or culture. By investing in training, this worldwide ministry is sustainable long-term.

This May Be a Good Tool For Your Community If:

  • You have a heart to reach the children of your community with the Good News.
  • You want to be thoroughly trained in how to run a children’s program.
  • You want to partner with churches or people from other parts of the world.

Website: AWANA

How This Works

Awana is highly committed to the mission of spreading the Gospel and discipleship. Their methods are always adapting to meet the unique needs of each community. That is why they are committed to “One Mission, Many Methods.”

Awana has a Four Step training program and an advanced training for church leaders and church workers.

How To Get Started

 Visit the International Ministries page of the  AWANA Website to learn more about how the program works.