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Craft Stick Bible Stories

Craft Stick Bible Stories

The Craft Stick Bible Stories is a video series designed to share the Bible with children of all ages, nations, and languages. The puppets have no mouths or faces, making them easy to translate.

Our mission is to equip families and Christian educators to share Jesus with the children in their lives and invite them to share Him back. The Craft Stick Bible Story series includes additional resources, including coloring pages and printable puppets children use to share the Bible stories with others.


Finer Details

Financial cost: Free

Scripture stories included: Rahab and Spies, Defeating Jericho, Warrior Joshua, Gabriel appears to Mary, Jesus Born, Greatness in the kingdom, Jesus calms the storm, The lost sheep, Pharisees against Jesus, Jesus Lives Resurrected, Jesus and Thomas, The Ascension

Scriptures used or referenced: Stories are Scripture based but not actual translations of Scripture

What personnel are needed to bring this resource to fruition, (make the resource available in another language)?

Trained translator, Voice actor(s), competent computer user

How much time is required to do all the work required to bring the resource to completion?

Each language and situation will vary but we’re available to support you through the process.

What sort of logistical setting is needed? (e.g. quiet space for recording, good Internet access)

Internet access is needed for sending and receiving files. An audio recorder is needed for recording the scripts into the target language (anything from a professional microphone to a smart phone works). A quiet space to record the audio. We’ll take care of dubbing the audio recordings into the videos.

How long does it typically take to watch, read or otherwise engage?

4-8 minutes per episode

What level of help is available?

Intermediate – access to ongoing help