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Global Bible Apps

The Global Bible App was developed in order to make the Word of God available to the worldwide community of Android smartphone users in their heart languages. These Apps are for the benefit of people who are not connected to the internet. GB Apps are designed and built by Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) for Android devices. The Apps contain Bible text and audio in the language of preference. These stand-alone Bible Apps enhance the user experience by synchronizing the text and audio in a “karaoke” style.

This May Be a Good Tool For Your Community If:

Global Bible Apps may be a helpful tool for people if they use Android smartphones but connectivity to the internet in the community is slow, limited, or non-existent.

Website: FCBH Global Bible App Store

How This Works

The GB App contains a FCBH audio recording of a Scripture text and, when allowed by the copyright holder, the Scripture text itself. The GB Apps are designed to function offline with no need to connect to the internet.

  • In order to develop a GB App, FCBH must have an audio recording of the Scripture text in its catalogue of recordings. If an audio recording does not exist, then the first step is to talk with FCBH about getting your Scripture text recorded into audio.
  • If the copyright holder of the text does not give permission to include the text in the GB App, FCBH can produce an audio-only GB App for this recording. The app will still be navigable by book and chapter.
  • If the copyright holder DOES grant permission, then FCBH needs access to the text. Normally this is through Paratext through the Digital Bible Library.
  • When these resources are ready, study the customization checklist available from FCBH to understand the customizable features. This will allow you to decide how you want your GB App to look and function.
  • Next, submit a request for the GB App to FCBH, giving clear details about your feature preferences.
More Information

NOTE: Two editions of Global Bible Apps are available. “Expandable Editions (EE)” apps contain only partial audio.  For that reason, Expandable Edition apps can be distributed via Google Play store.  The normal full-audio apps are called “Full Editions (FE)”. GB Apps facilitate individual engagement with Scripture in the most suitable language(s) even when the user has no cell or internet service.

Finer Details

What personnel are needed to bring this resource to fruition, (make the resource available in another language)?

1 to 4 people.

How much time is required to do all the work required to bring the resource to completion?

3-4 hours

What challenges or difficulties are there using this resource?

  • Lack of smartphones or smartphones that are old.
  • Not enough space in a user’s smartphone to install this app.
  • Difficulties with distributing the app.
  • Lack of permissions from copyright-holders to make  popular versions available to the community.
  • Lack of app promotions—making the end-users unaware of the app.

How To Get Started

First go to the FCBH Global Bible App Store to check whether there is already an App in your language. If you cannot find an App for your language, then go to the following page to request help.

Distribution Methods

  • Phone to Phone Sharing – The downloaded Global Bible App can be transferred from a smartphone using a Wi-Fi file share technology, the phone’s web browser and a sharing App (Xender, Share It).
  • Micro SD Cards – Adapter Sharing – Micro SD Cards and adapters can be used to transfer the same Global Bible App to OTG (On The Go) compatible Android smartphones.
  • Web Download – The FCBH Global Bible App Store provides all available Global Bible Apps for immediate download.
  • Lightstream Hubs – The GB Apps are copied into the memory of the Lightstream Hubs where users connect to the Wi-Fi device and choose the APK file to transfer to their phone.
  • FCBH Google Play Store – The Expandable Edition apps are uploaded in FCBH Play Store account for online downloads of apps. This is a free service offered by FCBH, and no charges are attached to this.