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Lessons from Luke

Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) has developed Lessons from Luke. It is a 52-lesson curriculum for children based on the Gospel of Luke. It was originally developed in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Lessons from Luke provides an easy-to-follow series of lessons that are culturally appropriate and that make use of teaching aids and illustrations found in a typical rural milieu.

Website: Scripture Engagement

How This Works

Each lesson contains a teacher’s guide, a coloring page with the memory verse and truth of the week, and a big picture book called a Flip Book in A3 format with the pictures from the Bible story section. There are also review lessons.

Finer Details

Scripture stories included: The birth of John, Birth of Jesus, Young Jesus, John the Baptist, baptism and temptation of Jesus, Jesus casts out evil spirit, Jesus calls first disciples, Jesus heals, Jesus eats with sinners, jesus chooses disciples, love your enemies, be generous, wise and foolish man, Jesus heals centurion’s servant, a woman washes Jesus’ feet, the sower and the seed, the lamp on a stand, Jesus calms a storm, Jesus raises a girl from the dead, jesus heals a bleeding woman, Jesus feeds 5000, The transfiguration, The Good Samaritan, Mary and Martha, the Lord’s prayer, the lost Son, the ten lepers, Jesus loves children, the rich young ruler, the blind man, Zacchaeus, Jesus enters Jerusalem, Jesus clears the temple, the widow’s gift, the last supper, Jesus arrested, Peter denies Jesus, Jesus tried, Jesus crucified, Jesus lives again, the road to emmaus, Jesus appears to believers, jesus ascends to heaven.

Scriptures used or referenced: Luke 1, Luke 2, Luke 3, Luke 4, Luke 5, Luke 6, Luke 7, Luke 8, Luke 9, Luke 10, Luke 11, Luke 15, Luke 17, Luke 18, Luke 19, Luke 21, Luke 22, Luke 23, Luke24.

Scripture Notes

Lessons from Luke does not make use of any other portion of Scripture outside of the Gospel of Luke. The goal is to provide a tool with which language communities can start to engage with the local language Scriptures at the earliest possible opportunity once Luke is translated and approved for publication. It has been designed to be a bilingual document with the teaching content translated into local languages while keeping the repeated text and the teacher instructions in English in order to support new local language readers.

Lessons from Luke – Economy Version is the version of the curriculum that is currently being implemented in Cameroon and elsewhere. The only difference between this version and the original version published in January 2015 under the same title is the number of pictures used in the stories and in the FlipBooks. With the number of pictures reduced, the FlipBooks have been reformatted so that there are now four in total, one for each quarter of the year. Each FlipBook contains 39 pictures used to illustrate the stories. Besides that, the actual content of the lessons has not changed. The reduced number of pictures results in a major reduction in the cost and complexity of producing the curriculum without a loss of effectiveness. The minimum number of pictures used in a lesson is three, while some lessons have four and five pictures depending on what is needed to best support the story of the lesson.

What challenges or difficulties are there using this resource?

  • The layout work was done using LibreOffice and the free Andika font. It is recommended that these tools be used for editing and adaptation in order to preserve the formatting as much as possible.
  • The Book of Luke needs to be translated and approved before using this product.
  • The full version of Lessons from Luke is only in English but the Economy Version is also available in French.

How To Get Started

The first and second quarters (lessons 1-26) are available for download at our website.

Distribution Methods

It is intended to be used in classes for children.