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The Bible Ramp

The Bible Ramp is a package of seven Old Testament video templates. They allow the translator to easily create short Bible story videos. Click on the link to the Bible story video templates you want to translate (see below). You will be directed to a download folder that has all the information to make your Bible story video.

This May Be a Good Tool For Your Community If:

This tool helps translators communicate the importance of the tie between the Old and New Testaments.  The series of Bible Story videos highlights major stories in the Old Testament, such as the story of the Creation, the Exodus, the Ten Commandments, the Tabernacle and many Gospel stories.

Website: Bible Ramp

How This Works

Follow instructions for making your Bible Story video from this link:  Quick Start Guide.  (A sample is provided below for “The Flood.”  Each story link below has a sample video that you can find in the “Sample Video” folder).

When making your Bible Story videos, you have the option to add or change the images and music. Scripts have been consultant-checked in the major languages but will need to be translated and checked using the script pages provided.

Finer Details

Financial cost: Free

Translation method: Translate and record the text from the script. The text from the script is not direct Scripture but Scripture-based.

What personnel are needed to bring this resource to fruition, (make the resource available in another language)?

This can be done with one person but two would be advisable.

What kind of technical expertise is needed to adapt this resource to your situation?

Knowledge of MS Windows as well as PhotoStory 3 software or another slideshow-to-video software (iMovie, Movie Studio, Photostage, etc.). The templates are in PhotoStory 3 format.  A Windows computer and microphone is needed along with PhotoStory 3. PhotoStory 3 can be downloaded for free from the IMS website or from Microsoft.

How much time is required to do all the work required to bring the resource to completion?

Producing all of the videos may take a month.

How To Get Started

Go to the IMS webpage for this product:  Bible Ramp.

This page has information what scriptures are covered, and it is a long list. An accompanying article points out that it is the principle of the ramp leading up to New Testament teaching is the important thing. So projects should research what old Testament stories would be appropriate given the background knowledge of their hearers. This is all part of the explore process.

If you need advice or help you can go to the IMS Contact page.

Distribution Method

Distribution can be accomplished through a personal computer or cell phone. Once the product is in video form, it can be distributed digitally using a variety of methods common to computer and cell phone data distribution.