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The Seven Days of Creation

This exciting new production blends beautiful video photography with the narration of the Creation taken directly from Genesis. Translation teams can download the resources to produce this video in their language. The Seven Days of Creation video is a single-voice narration production.

The Seven Days of Creation video offers Bible translators a creative format for the presentation of the seven days of creation covered in Genesis 1:1-2:2.  The video starts with God creating the heavens and the earth and ends with the creation of man.

Website: The Seven Days of Creation

How This Works

This is a single-voice narration production. The resources come in two folders, one for a trained IMS media technician and the other is a “Do it Yourself” version for those who want to record and edit the video themselves using their own software. Documentation is included to explain the process.  Click here to download resources. The Seven Days of Creation.

Finer Details

This is a video production that involves narrating the Scripture verses over the video imagery.  Certain audio and video software will be needed to perform this task.  Check the following link for details:

The Seven Days of Creation Resources

What challenges or difficulties are there using this resource?

Technical skill in audio recording and video editing will be needed to make this video.

How To Get Started

Download the resources and directions from the IMS website or the links that are posted earlier in this description.

Distribution Method

Distribution can be accomplished through a personal computer or cell phone. Once the product is in video form, it can be distributed digitally using a variety of methods common to computer and cell phone data distribution.