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“The Covenant”

The Covenant is a transformative 90-minute biblical film that delves deep into the Old Testament. The stories are told through the eyes of Ezra and bring to light the narratives of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and more in an unparalleled visual journey.


Finer Details

Financial cost: Free

Scripture stories included: Beginning Creation, Sin Death, Noah escapes flood, Abraham Covenant, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Jacob’s Family, Jacob becomes Israel, Joseph Dreamer Hated, Joseph Slave Prisoner Humbled, Joseph exalted Honored, Joseph Forgives, Israel Slaves in Egypt, Young Moses, Moses Called, Moses and the King/Pharaoh, Egypt Punished (Plagues), Israel Exits Egypt, Moses on Mt. Sinai, Israelites in the desert, Gold Calf Idol, Ten Commands, Worship Tent / Tabernacle, Spies Explore Canaan, Moses’ Last Days, Ezra

Scriptures used or referenced: …Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Genesis 6, Genesis 7, Genesis 9, Genesis 10, Genesis 12, Genesis 15, Genesis 16, Genesis 17, Genesis 21, Genesis 22, Genesis 25, Genesis 35, Genesis 37, Genesis 39, Genesis 41, Genesis 42, Genesis 43, Genesis 45, Genesis 47, Exodus 1, Exodus 2, Exodus 3, Exodus 4, Exodus 5, Exodus 6, Exodus 7, Exodus 11, Exodus 12, Exodus 13, Exodus 14, Exodus 16, Exodus 17, Exodus 19, Exodus 20, Exodus 31, Exodus 32, Exodus 33, Exodus 34, Exodus 35, Exodus 39, Exodus 40, Numbers 10, Numbers 13, Numbers 14, Numbers 32, Deuteronomy 6, Deuteronomy 8, Deuteronomy 18, Deuteronomy 29, Deuteronomy 30, Deuteronomy 31, Deuteronomy 34, 1st Chronicles 1, Ezra 7, Ezra 9, Nehemiah 8, Jeremiah 31, Matthew 1

What personnel are needed to bring this resource to fruition, (make the resource available in another language)?

Trained translator, Voice actor(s), Translation Consultant, Media expert, competent computer user, Recording Studio & Sound Engineer, Director, Theologian, Script Supervisor, Text Reviewers, Audio & Visual Proofers, Subtitle creation

What kind of technical expertise is needed to adapt this resource to your situation?

Included in personnel list

How much time is required to do all the work required to bring the resource to completion?

1 month to 1 year

What sort of logistical setting is needed? (e.g. quiet space for recording, good Internet access)

High Speed Internet is very helpful, a professional recording studio is best for recording.

How long does it typically take to watch, read or otherwise engage?

90 minutes

What level of help is available?

Advanced – a ministry could be there to support you with workers and partnership.

What particular themes are included that might be a ‘bridge’ to a target audience?

The Covenant uses the voice of Ezra to share stories from the Old Testament, ultimately leading to Jesus.

Unique Characteristics

The film, with stunning visuals, shares only direct Scripture in a narrative style. The voice overs are completed by two narrators, usually a man and a woman.